Administrator guides

Here is a quick tutorial for setup an iDDS server.

Environment setup on CENTOS 7

  1. setup environment for the first time.

yum install -y httpd.x86_64 conda gridsite mod_ssl.x86_64 httpd-devel.x86_64 gcc.x86_64 supervisor.noarch
mkdir /opt/idds
mkdir /opt/idds_source
mkdir /opt/idds
mkdir /var/log/idds
mkdir /var/log/idds/wsgisocks
chown atlpilo1 -R /opt/idds
chown atlpilo1 -R /opt/idds_source
chown atlpilo1 /var/log/idds
chown apache -R /var/log/idds/wsgisocks

source /etc/profile.d/
conda create --prefix=/opt/idds python=3.6.2
conda activate /opt/idds
pip install idds-server idds-doma idds-atlas idds-monitor idds-website

pip install rucio-clients-atlas rucio-clients panda-client-light
# # add "auth_type = x509_proxy" to /opt/idds/etc/rucio.cfg
  1. setup environment after installed.

source /etc/profile.d/
conda activate /opt/idds

pip install --upgrade idds-server idds-doma idds-atlas idds-monitor idds-website
  1. Configure REST service

The Rest service is based http server. By default it’s using the port 443. If the port 443 is used, you need to comment out the 443 port in ssl.conf.

# configure httpd service
cp /opt/idds/etc/idds/rest/httpd-idds-443-py36-cc7.conf.install_template /etc/httpd/conf.d/httpd-idds-443-py36-cc7.conf
# comment /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf "Listen 443 https"
systemctl restart httpd.service
systemctl enable httpd.service
  1. Configure iDDS agents

“supervisord” is employed to manage iDDS agents. Here is the configuration.

# configure iDDS agents
cp /opt/idds/etc/idds/supervisord.d/idds.ini /etc/supervisord.d/idds.ini
cp /opt/idds_source/main/etc/idds/supervisord.d/idds.ini /etc/supervisord.d/idds.ini
systemctl start supervisord
systemctl status supervisord
systemctl enable supervisord

Normally, these agents are required for idds. a) Clerk, to manage requests and workflow. b) Transformer, to manage transforms, collections, contents and create processings. c) Carrier, to submit processings to workload manager and poll processings. d) Conductor, to send messages to ActiveMQ for workload managers to consume.

cp /opt/idds/etc/idds/idds.cfg.template /opt/idds/etc/idds/idds.cfg
# configure the database
  1. Logs locations (httpd REST logs and idds agents logs)

ls /var/log/idds
ls /var/log/idds/httpd_error_log
ls /var/log/idds/idds-server-std*
# Normally grep 'Traceback' can find the errors.
  1. Restart service

systemctl stop httpd
systemctl start httpd

# restart agents
supervisorctl stop all
supervisorctl start all