The iDDS has implemented a workflow architecture to support new use cases. The Workflow consists of Work(Transformation) and Condition, where Condition can be used to implement DAG support. New use cases can be implemented with inherited Work class with developed hook functions.

iDDS Architecture


DictClass is designed to automatically convert all attributes of the class to a json dictionary and convert it back from the json dictionary to the class. The Workflow and Work classes are inherited from this class. In this way, the Workflow and Work can be transmitted from client to Rest service and be saved to database, in a json format. When reading, this json format can be converted back to Workflow or Work instance, which simplies the handings in the following step.


Sub Workflow Loop Workflow

A Workflow is designed to manage multiple Works(Transformations). It’s a sub-class of DictClass. With Condition supports, the Workflow can support DAG management.


A workflow can be added as a subworkflow of another workflow. In this case, it can be regarded as a Work. However, this work will generate new Works.


When adding a loop condition to a workflow, the workflow can be looped.


A Work, a sub-class of DictClass, is a transformation. New use cases can be implemented by inherited Work class.

  1. Functions need to be overwritten for Transformer:

    1. get_input_collections: poll DDM to get the status and metadata of the collections.

    2. get_new_input_output_maps(registered_input_output_maps): registered_input_output_maps is provided by iDDS with contents registered in iDDS db. This function should return maps between new inputs to outputs.

    3. create_processing(input_output_maps): Creating a processing with maps between inputs and outputs.

    4. syn_work_status(registered_input_output_maps): registered_input_output_maps is provided by iDDS with contents registered in iDDS db. It works to update the Work.status to be Transforming, Finished, SubFinished or Failed based on all outputs’ status in registered_input_output_maps.

  2. Functions need to be overwritten for Carrier:

    1. submit_processing: Implement functions how to submit the processing.

    2. poll_processing_updates: Implement functions how to poll the processing status.


It works to automatically convert a workflow to an iDDS request(The workflow will be converted to a json dictionary by DictClass) and send the request to iDDS Restful service.